10 Reasons to Opt Angularjs Development

Here in this blog, you will encounter the major reasons that will help you know, why Angularjs development is the best choice for Web apps development.

Before Proceeding to the reasons, let’s have a Quick Introduction to Angularjs

AngularJS is an open source framework reserved by Google to deal with the difficulties looked by the developers while creating and testing the code. AngularJS depends on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture which normally used for arranging rich web applications. The framework normally synchronizes with models and view, making AngularJS development a straightforward procedure. The essential highlights of Angular JS's are Two-way data binding directives, templates, MVC structure, testing features and dependency injections. 

What Makes Angularjs Differ From Other Framework?

• Angular employ simple old JavaScript objects

• Angular is powered by Dependency Injection

• Angular markup exists in the DOM

Why You Should Choose AngularJS Development for Mobile and Web Applications

Enhanced Design Architecture

Large number of applications includes components more than 60. AngularJS facilitates to deal with them even after a new developer starts working in the middle of the project. The architecture of AngularJS is constructed in a manner to help the developer to locate and develop the code without any complexity.

Takes Less Time

It takes less time for AngularJS developers to code the entire application since AngularJS is derived from HTML technology. Building new web application with AngularJS is too quick and easy and also requires less effort. 

Straightforward Architecture 

AngularJS development is known for its simpler design architecture which is easy to learn by any developer. It also has the ability to improve the features up to any extent as the client requires. With AngularJS one can effectively manage the heavy web applications having complex requirements and a number of components.

Effective User Interface Design

App development is much simplified with HTML. HTML code strengthens the interface written in JavaScript. AngularJS employ HTML to define apps UI.

Minimum Code And Improved Development Efficiency 

Due to less coding requirement developers are able to focus more on the efficiency of the app instead of just code writing. Once the AngularJs developer caught the feature in his mind, later it is easy to set code lines and give improved results. 

Reusability of the Code

AngularJS is an exclusive framework for the developers as it allows them to use the previous chunk of code again and thereby tends to save time. 

Effectual Testing

AngularJS provides support to both unit and end-to-end testing. The testing is quite easy and flexible at each level of development. AngularJS has best testing compatibilities. 

Parallel Development

This is the reason where AngulaJs outshines other frameworks. AngularJs lets developers develop in a parallel way since it handles dependency which is coupled with the MVC Architecture. 

Data Models of Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO) 

POJO Models executes closely with the controllers and views. AngularJs diminish code and does not need Getter and Setter functions. The model's edit can directly happen on the POJO and it loops over arrays and objects.

Better Server Performance

Since Angular supports caching and several other processes it decreases the burden from server CPUs. The server performs very well due to the reduced traffic and since it only serves static files and gives a response to the API calls.


Above reasons are quite enough to prove the appropriateness of AngularJS for web application development. Considering above reasons, we surely conclude that choosing AngularJS development services can be the best decision. You can contact us to hire AngularJs developers for easy and effective web application development.


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